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The dining style at Yuu Kitchen is a casual, relaxed and fun affair. Our flavours are a fusion predominately from south-east Asia with some worldly ingredients thrown in for seasonality and variety (think Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Hawaiian.) The menu offers some of the best asian food in London with a variety of popular Japanese and Taiwanese dishes. You’ll be sharing your high top table with other guests and sharing your dishes with your friends.

The best way to dine with us is to select at least 3-4 dishes per person (these are small plates) from different sections of the menu and enjoy the great flavours with high quality ingredients.

Yuu Kitchen is primarily a walk-in restaurant however, we take limited bookings for parties of 2 (please email the restaurant) and online for parties of 4 or more which you can book using the online booking form. 

Yuu Kitchen caters for most allergens. For more information on the allergens in our dishes, you can view the Allergens Menu here. Most of our dishes can be modified. Please state your dietary requirements at time of booking or when you arrive at the restaurant.

Please note that menus are correct at time of publish. Management reserves the right to amend.

Dinner Menu

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EDAMAME (v)  soy beans, chilli or salted |  4.00
GRILLED BROCCOLI (v)  apple & onion dressing, black pepper, fried shallots |  6.00
STEAMED RICE (v)  |  3.50
RAW KALE & WAKAMI (v)  pumpkin seeds, goma dressing, fried shallots |  5.00
JAPANESE POTATO SALAD  (v)  ochikeron, kimchi mayo, mixed veg |  4.50
GRILLED CAULIFLOWER (v)  sweetcorn, jalepeño dressing, shallots, garlic chips and chives |  6.00


BABY OCTOPUS KARAAGE  cucumber and wakami salad, ginger and garlic sauce |  9.00
SWEET & STICKY EGGPLANT (v)  wok fried with white miso glaze, crunchy shallots and sesame | 6.50
CHICKEN KARAAGE  banana catsup, siracha hiroshi, spring onion |  7.50
BABY BACK RIBS  pork ribs, asian bbq sauce, chilli | 8.50


PORK CHICHARRON  crunchy pork scratchings, chilli vinegar |  4.50
CASSAVA FRIES  (v)  hot-smoked paprika, tangy adobo mayo |  4.50
CHICKEN WINGS  filipino style sticky adobo OR spicy carolina reaper |  8.50
BISTEK  steak, lemon soy, crispy rice, trio of onion | 9.50
EMPANADA (v)  shitake mushroom, sweet potato, ancho spiced veg, pineapple salsa |  7.00
SISIG LOLLIPOPS  7hr pineapple juice braised pig’s head, panko, adobo mayo, chicharron |  8.50
CHEESE UBE PUTO  steamed bun, chorizo bilbao, caramelised onion, avocado, garlic aioli  |  9.00
CRISPY PIG’S EARS  3hr slow cooked pig’s ears, honey soy glaze, sesame, pickled radish, chives | 5.00
CHICKEN INASAL  ancho grilled chicken thigh, green papaya acharra sweet pickle |  8.50
LECHON KAWALI  12 hour braised pork belly, mama sita’s sauce |  9.50

BAO – All our buns are Vegan (not the fillings, the bun itself) 1pc

7UP BRAISED PORK BELLY  bbq sauce, cucumber pickles, peanuts |  6.20
SOY & BUTTERMILK CRISPY CHICKEN  carolina reaper chilli mayo, daikon pickle |  6.20
WAGYU  mustard ketchup, roasted garlic mayo, onion rings |  9.20
CRISPY SOFT SHELL CRAB  wasabi mayo, lettuce, red onion, radish pickle | 7.00
CRISPY  TOFU (v)  kimchi, kimchi mayo |  5.50
CRISPY BROCCOLI (v)  pickled red cabbage, roasted garlic aioli |  5.50
MUSHROOM (v)  shitake mushrooms, hoisin mayo, carrot pickle |  5.50


THAI CHICKEN LARB  aromatic warm salad, rice paper crisps |  6.50
VIETNAMESE SSAM (v)  corn, mushroom and noodle spring rolls, lettuce with sweet chilli sauce |  6.50
BEETROOT DUMPLING (v)  water chestnut, chive, goma sauce |  6.50
CRISPY TOFU VIETNAMESE ROLL (v)  rice paper roll, housemade sweet chilli sauce |  6.50


SPICY TUNA TOSTADA  yellowfin tuna, crispy tortilla, pickled radish, spring onion, spicy mayo |  8.50
TUNA KINILAW  coconut milk, cafa lime leaves, lime juice, chilli, red onion |  12.00
CRISPY RICE AND SALMON  avocado, spicy jalapeño dressing |  8.00
SCALLOP black hawaiian salt, yuzu oil, jalapeño dressing |  8.50
CHARCOAL SALMON TATAKI  wasabi kizami, yuzu dressing |  8.50

WAGYU TARTARE  wagyu, charcoal bread, quail egg, cornichon, spring onion, wasabi, ponzu |  15.00

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