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About Us

Yuu Kitchen opened its doors in October 2016 by Australian friends, Stephen Lowe (General Manager); a long time London restaurant manager, previously of ICEBAR London and Jon de Villa (Head Chef); previously of Nobu, Nobu Berkeley, Zafferano and Bone Daddies.

The restaurant is inspired by the flavours of south-east Asia and the Pacific rim including a dedicated section to Filipino cuisine in a nod to Jon’s heritage. 

“Yuu Kitchen has been a dream of mine since travelling extensively over the last ten years from my native Australia, working in the Maldives and the UK. We were planning to open Yuu kitchen all the way back in the days of Sydney and now, having gained over 20 years’ experience are excited to launch this new venture. We’ve seen that casual dining is taking more of a precedence in the London dining scene and as such have looked to create a menu that takes some of the best bits of south-east asian cuisine and pacific rim flavours to turn them into something delicious and of great value.We want to bring the multicultural diversity of Asian food that we grew up with in Australia and bring it to London.” – Jon de Villa

Yuu Kitchen collaborated with Hong Kong based artist, Lunatic to commission some original artwork. The Illustrations that have been created have strong influences from Manga, Asian fashion, comic-book and pop culture – styles synonymous with Lunatic’s work.

“I didn’t want the images to lean too heavily upon any particular style but just enough to show hints and traces of them. As Yuu Kitchen is located in London and is a fusion of Asian flavours, I felt that the art should also be a mashup of Asian and western elements. The Artwork is bold, loud, modern and slightly risqué (just enough to let your imagination wonder) images of people playfully involved with Asian food.”

The artwork follows the story of Tsuyo who upon visiting his local mobster hangout, experiences some quirky hallucinations. The story can be seen on the walls of the restaurant.

See the story of the artwork here

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